Hand Pumps

Hand Operated Diaphragm pumps

The Renown diaphragm hand pumps use moulded synthesis diaphragm and corrosion resistant aluminium alloy bodies. The diaphragms and valve rubbers are resistant to petroleum products, sunlight and weathering. The valves are closed by springs to ensure a positive action. No lubrication is required as all pivots run on bronze bushes. 

Displacement - 5 strokes equivalent to 4.5 litres (1 gallon)

Max. Lift Capacity - 6 metres (20 feet) 

Pressure Range per stroke - 10 to 25 psi

Hand Priming Pump

This is used for priming of centrifugal pumps or when high vacuum is required to start the pumping process.

Inlet Connection - 3/4" BSP

Mounting - By bolts through base flange.

Hand Force Pump

This is used for pumping water, kerosene, oils and petrol. Designed to mount onto a standard 44 gallon drum.

Inlet Connection - 2" flange or socket

Outlet Connection - 25mm (1") bore hose

Mounting - 2" flange or socket.